Confidence, the next theme

Confidence, the next theme

(Re)building confidence

"Confidence is one's man divine possibility...", Henry de Montherlant.

The question of confidence underpins all contemporary challenges. It is the foundation of both individual and social existence. "Trust", "have faith in", "believe in": since they were born, individuals have constantly been confronted with the dilemma of trust and consequently with intimate disclosure and risk-taking.

In a world of uncertainty, it is crucial that confidence should be used by individuals to genuinely engage with each other and build a common culture to share. Yet nowedays, this bond that forges the basis of community life is jeopardised by the rise of climate of defiance towards institutions, expertise and even scientists.

This pernicious phenomenon leads to isolation, mutual surveillance, incivility and bitterness to the detriment of the humanist values that underlie our society such as solidarity, both economic and cultural openness, respect for others...

How did we end up in such situation - which little by little destroyes the "living together" as well as any opporunity for neither empowerment nor wonder. In all economic, political, philosophical and cultural fields, it seems essential that we should address the issues of our time "in confidence".