The foundations of the Cité

The foundations of the Cité

The University of Debate: a better understanding of the world through dialogue and debate.

La Cité combines the need to understand and the need to learn. It is an educational site that also provides the opportunity to express critical opinions in a public forum.

La Cité seeks to encourage reflection for personal and/or collective actions and favors initiative and responsibility in taking steps towards helping society and humanity.

It has made it its mission to create the conditions for a constructive dialogue between generations.

The forum is built around students, and La Cité has become one of Europe’s largest student gatherings. The thousands of students from Europe’s universities and grandes écoles who attend each annual La Cité de la réussite prove that it corresponds to the kind of event students are looking for today.

The dialogue between generations is effective because the speakers accept the fundamental rule of debate: an open exchange on all aspects of the subjects they have accepted. This exchange between those who are now in a position of power, influences the next generation of groundbreakers.

This can only come about through the opportunities to discuss and even to criticize issues vital to society.