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In 2014 Let's dare

La cité de la réussite,
20 years of history

Come and discover the first 20 years of the Cité de la Réussite.

18 editions and over 500 debates took place.

More than 1000 speakers came to talk about themes such as Time, Transformation, Imagination, Responsibility or Commitment...


daring seen by

To do important things, you have to be vulnerable; that is the real audacity. Cédric Villani

Boldness has genius, power and magic. Goethe

What does "daring" mean to you ?

According to you, who are the most "daring"  personalities/speakers ?

Leave us your ideas!

what they said

«La compétitivité, c'est très important si on me dit à quoi elle sert.»

Axel Kahn
Directeur de recherche à l'INSERM