the theme: time

the theme: time

La Sorbonne / Le Panthéon

Thinking time

From time counted by the passing of the seasons to time that imposes limits on our freedom, time is a question that many thinkers have grappled with over the ages. It’s part of the drama of the human condition – as it slips away from us inexorably – and it’s something that we all have to deal with.

Expressions concerning time – it is against us, it is money, there’s not enough of it – bring it to life in our everyday language, but it’s actually an intangible, impalpable concept.

That hasn’t always been the case. Humans’ relationship with time has evolved slowly over a long period.

How did we become so obsessed with it? Time you are short of or are making the most of is always the crux of the matter – and so it can be a friend or foe depending on your relationship with it. In fields of human endeavour ranging from economics to politics and philosophy, people are attempting to re-learn how to live in and savour the moment, given the frenetic pace of today’s world.